December 26, at 1: As you see, these two connectors are a little bit […]. May 8, at 1: Mine has only one row with 22 pins plus 2 other pins separate. March 8, at 5: Maybe this will help? Start your burning software and select burn disc image.

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When I want to turn it on, it starts working, I can hear the fan and the lights come compaq presario cq35 216tu just like normal, but after 30 sec even before loads windows seems like it turns off by itself and starts the process again, and again, after about times it finally is compaq presario cq35 216tu.

Has a clicking fq35 when trying to power up. I want to buy an enclosure but does not know what to buy. prdsario

April 1, at 4: Is a pin bent an intermediate connector missing all i have at the moment is a large open slot and the bracket carrier. January 27, at The connector on your drive will not mach connector on the motherboard.

After sitting for a month or so 216ttu was able to start it fine compaq presario cq35 216tu normally without problems.

If I turn it on should I get anything on the screen? When a laptop starts booting and then freezes, in many cases this problem could be related to the hard drive failure.

Just make sure your enclosure is made for IDE drives so the connector compaq presario cq35 216tu matches your hard drive. I request your suggestion to rectify my problem and I would like to know the simple methods to avoid heating and noise along with causes for the same.


Hard drive

If the hard drive fails test, replace the drive. It sounds like the FILE was saved to disk. February 21, at After that you should be compxq to boot the laptop from that bootable CD even with the hard drive removed. April 23, at 3: February 3, at 4: Yep, compaq presario cq35 216tu be a faulty hard drive.

I have a DEll c and was fitting a new compaq presario cq35 216tu drive. This will make your CD bootable.

Hard drive | Laptop Parts

After that you install your drive into the enclosure and connect it to another working computer. Thanks for the answer. From research replacing the HDD has worked for people. Is it still freezing even without the hard drive? Back up all important compaq presario cq35 216tu ASAP if you can.

If you hit or drop the hard 216gu, the head crash will occur.

Test the hard drive. February 22, at 8: IT begins to load the windows screen and then makes a static type sound sounds like through the speakers and reverts to the safe boot screen. I now know that the cables compaq presario cq35 216tu IDE type. You can even upgrade to SSD which is faster. Why do you think your laptop overheats?

Bluescreen problem while setup XP. You cannot modify the laptop.

March 29, at 8: So, I go a buy a new HDD for her compaq presario cq35 216tu put it in… nothing changes.

January 9, at 9: It is making big noise and the temparature is increasing upto 90 degrees and switch cq5 automatically. Can I do any modify or is it impossible?