Ozone Rage ST headset. The EPG is a separate web-based application, but usefully can be remotely scheduled over the internet. I had similar problems with using the Windows Media Centre in Vista – found all the channels but only 4 would work. The only gripe is that the EPG proved near-impossible to set up. This thread is now locked and can not be replied to. Will locate all channels and if I scroll through the channels it’ll display full signal strength and quality but not display any video.

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Freecom DVB-T USB Stick review | Alphr

Awesome hardware runs a bit hot but cr p software interface. Where is the XP like update? I wanted a small “always on top” window in the corner so I could watch TV while I was working. Freecom dvb-t usb stick The bundled software isn’t very flexible.

Ozone Freecom dvb-t usb stick ST headset. In our house we needed to gang together two RF attenuators a 12dB and a 6dB before the stick would work. I installed direct x first, then plugged the usb in and it automatically went to the found new hardware wizard.

A very disappointed an angry customer! It needs an adaptor to plug in the aerial which is bizare. At no point during installation am I prompted to plug in the stick. While the installation process is painless, it isn’t obvious how to scan for channels. Very slow to change channels; even slower in weak signal areas. Nope, I have USB2 and tried the mains disconnection trick. There’s a remote control included, freecom dvb-t usb stick beware that the tuner has a detachable aerial socket that needs care, as the interface is very small.

Purchased a booster ariel but freecom dvb-t usb stick result.

Plus, it works well too – changing channels is fairly swift and there’s little delay when pausing live TV. Drivers are easy enough to install in XP, but rather hit-and-miss in Vista.

Sticj a load of rubbish!!!! The stick works fine on my laptop so I know there is no hardware freecom dvb-t usb stick. There must be an answer that’s going to involve something a bit more technical, but I’m stumped as to what it could be! Zowie P-TF Rough mousepad. You should be prompted when to connect the Freecom unit.

Free software such as VirtualDubMod can with the appropriate codecs open and edit the files. There’s no standalone executable from which to install the drivers though I think this is what I need! Puts the windows software to shame.

Freecom DVB-T USB Stick problem

Cheers, but Freecom dvb-t usb stick an IT teacher so I’ve done all the obvious things, that suggestion included. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Also, Hauppauge’s software is in need of a facelift – the WinTV viewer syick dated, although it works well enough and lets you one-touch pause and record by default.

So still not working.

Freecom DVB-T USB Stick review – DV Hardware

Will locate all channels and if I scroll through the channels it’ll display full signal strength and quality but not display any video. DV Hardware – Privacy statement All logos and trademarks are property of their respective owner.

Freecom dvb-t usb stick sounds like your signal is too strong and is overloading the dvb-T sticks very basic amplifier ie it can’t reduce the signal enough so its clipping. The software supplied is weak and the aerial is more or less useless. File sizes are perfectly manageable around 2Gb for an hourand there’s no tweaking needed unlike my last attempt using Hauppague which devoured HD space at a staggering 1Gb a minute!! Plugging into a roof antenna making a mockery of portability distinctly freecom dvb-t usb stick reception in XP – no such luck with Vista.

If you are not sure try disconnecting from the mains for a few minutes.